EventHaus’ Exciting New Retro Inspired Lighting Piece for Hire

Neon signs are certainly all the rage at the moment (I was actually trying to convince my husband just this weekend to consider a custom neon light in his workspace!).  I love when concepts that were popular in the past end up popping back up again as the coolest thing in town!

NSW based styling hire company EventHaus have a very exciting new piece to offer couples for hire to style their wedding in a fun retro vibe.  Inspired by Palm Springs pool parties and Miami Beach deco style, their new Pink Neon LOVE sign is the latest in their unique and creative collection of pieces. “Standing at one metre high, these gorgeous free-standing letters are a definite party starter”, says EventHaus Director, Kate Banister.

EventHaus Pink Neon LOVE Sign angle

To allow for full impact regardless of whether the event is held during the day or night the letters have a white channel and black exterior.  They have also chosen to use an LED neon product which allows the piece to be more durable than traditional neon signage and therefore allows them to offer the piece for hire to a wider range of locations.

The Pink Neon LOVE sign is available for hire now and can be delivered to most NSW locations.

EventHaus Pink Neon LOVE Sign daylight