Engagement Shoot – Jess & Cam

Love makes the world go round. Love should be celebrated every day, not just one day a year!! And with that in mind we’d like you all to meet Sarah, the talented photographer behind Sarzy O Photography, and the beautiful Jess and Cam. From the mouth of the gorgeous Sarah, here’s Jess & Cam’s Story!

The first time I heard Jess and Cam’s Story I was touched, Cam said “We have been dealt bad luck with the QLD floods, and more so how my fiancé struggles everyday just to breathe, she is the most beautiful and inspiring person in the world. There are two letters that we have in our life that make us appreciate everything and everyday, CF (Cystic Fibrosis), the insidious genetic condition that makes her dig deep with courage and gusto to get through the day.” It was clear from a few words that Cam felt such love and admiration. Reading this “As a love that flourishes so much and the trust that we place in each other is like no other, we look to engrave our eternal love for one another though the exchanging of vows and ceremony. For the most beautiful thing in a wedding is giving and sharing of each others promise.” made it crystal clear that he adores her to the end of the earth. I had little idea about CF at the time and had google the condition – there is no cure, Jess will always endure painful treatments and was I shocked to learn that ultimately Jess (and any other CF sufferer) will have to have a lung transplant to prolong her life.

Upon meeting them I could only see a vibrant and loving couple. Jess must be one of the strongest and most brave people that I have met although her air is simply sweet, charming and engaging — she is also as cute as a button! Cam is a little quieter then Jessie, I found him to be calm, funny, friendly and supportive. They look like a young, outgoing fun-loving couple, while talking to them you discover that they are that and so much more. They have been through more together than most couples of 50 years and they are truly and deeply connected for it.

Chatting to Jess and Cam in a local coffee shop was like chatting to old friends. They are full of love – for each other and for life! They have been a couple for 7 years and have traveled together and had many adventures! Along the way they found they love to help less fortunate people – they have donated their time and money to a community in East Timor to ensure they have fresh drinking water. They are an inspiring pair!

They are open about the struggles they face with CF. They talk about how they cope and how sometimes how they don’t. They joke. They laugh. Jess’s openness about her condition is inspiring. I think she is an amazing role model for anyone, but especially for other CF sufferers. She lives and loves to the fullest.

There was something Jessie said that first day I met her that has really stuck with me. I can’t recall her exact words but I can recall the idea. She said that people love a story of triumph, a story of a hero who battles and there is a victory. Against CF, there is no triumph… Jess battles, Cam joins her in her battles, but they don’t triumph, they don’t overcome – they simply keep on fighting.