DIY Weddings – Nailed It!

Are you planning a DIY wedding?  Hand crafted weddings can be a truly magical event, filled with so many heartfelt touches.  The crafting of decorative elements can bring together two families in the lead up to the event and forge strong memories for all.   There is a downside to DIY though – sometimes things don’t always turn out how we planned.

If you are planning DIY elements for your big day and it’s something you have never tackled before, my suggestion is simply to give it a crack well ahead of time to be sure it works out the way you hope, that way there is plenty of time for Plan B should you find that it’s not as simple as you had hoped and it’s time to call on professionals (I mean for so many things, unless it’s your bread and butter it is so worth having professionals take care of it for you).

Have you ever wondered what DIY wedding fails look like?  Well I’m a sucker for the “nailed it!” memes that go around, I check them out regularly in the lead up to my sons’ birthdays just to make me feel ok when my cake creations come out less than perfect and here are a few less than ideal DIY weddings who “nailed it!”.  I think it’s evident why it’s worth trying before hand and having that good out belly laugh at the outcome before the big day!!!

Oh my heart goes out to all of these craftsters as I have certainly been there myself on many occasions!!


Source: Social & Personal Weddings



Source: Social & Personal Weddings


DIY black and white wedding cake - nailed it!

Source: Arboretum Weddings


Source: Liunastation Events


doily lantern wedding fail

Source: Yahoo news


sprinkle wedding cake fail

Source: Events by Fibre



Source: The Things


beach wedding cake fail

Source: Million Pictures



Source: The Things



Source: Just Something


wedding clothes peg fail

Source: Pinstrosity