DIY Soy Candles for Wedding Favors

When it comes to weddings many things are honestly best left to the professionals.  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a bride say they are going to have a completely DIY wedding only to find halfway through they are utterly overwhelmed, exhausted and suffered major budget blow outs I’d be quite a wealthy lady!  Now having said that there are quite a few things that can be great ideas for crafty couples.

Making your own candles in cute little jars or vintage tea cups and using them as favors or table decorations can be a great project for brides to tackle with their mum or bridesmaids (lets face it, there are only a rare few grooms-to-be who are happy to get all crafty with candle making but if you have one of those fellas high five yourself as they are a rare breed!)

Home made candles are very versatile as they can be made in a variety of colours (or plain old cream for a very traditional look) and they can also have gorgeous scents added which when burnt on the wedding day create a wonderful ambience.  I think smell is a very important part of a special wedding day which is often overlooked.  DIY candles can also be poured into all manner of vessels to which allows you to get really creative and design your own look.  It could be as simple as plain jars with some natural twine wrapped around it with perhaps a single blossom or two tucked into the twine for a simple rustic affair or you may prefer to source mismatched china tea cups for a quaint high tea reception.

Fortunately the internet is swarming with tutorials to take you through how to make your own candles but we’ve found a few really cute ones to get you started (and don’t forget to click through to the link to follow their step by step instructions to make your own!).

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