DIY Scratch off save the dates

We love interactive invitations, they are fun and get your guests involved from the get go! Having fun save the dates really gets your guests excited so with fun and interaction in mind you can’t go past those lottery inspired scratch off cards, keeping your guests guessing on what’s underneath or a cute and cheeky way to reveal your wedding date! Kim from Hermia’s Wishes designed some fun Save the Dates just for our readers so that you can follow along and make your own as well!

What you’ll need:

1 – White cardstock (the thicker the better we used 250gsm card)
2 – Printer
3 – Contact (the clear stuff you cover books with)
4 – Metallic arcylic paint
5 – Dishwashing Liquid
6 – Paint Brush
7 – Ruler
8 – Cutting Mat
9 – Xacto knife (or similar) (you can use scissors if you like)

1 – Gather all your goodies together and print out your save the dates and your balloon template.
For the Save the Dates, you will need Adobe Reader (it’s free).

Cut out your balloon template (use scissors for this part if you’re not handy with a knife) and then cut out as many balloons from the contact as you need. I did 100 for this run.

2 – Cut out your save the dates. Please note that xacto blades are very sharp so please be careful!

3 – Peel off your contact and stick it over your balloons.

4 – Smooth out the bubbles as you go. This step is really important as you need the contact so that you can scratch off the paint without destroying the paper underneath.

5 – Add your paint and the dishwashing liquid to your bowl. It’s best to use 1 part dishwashing liquid to 2 parts paint. If your mixture is too thick it will be hard to scratch off and your guests run the risk of damaging the save the date so it’s better to add a bit more diswashing liquid. The more dishwashing liquid you add, the more layers you will need to apply as the mixture will be thinner.

6 – Mix your paint and dishwashing liquid together well.

7 – Apply 1 coat to the area covered with the contact and let dry.

8 – Continue this or as many as you need until you can no longer see the design underneath. We used 3-5 coats.

– TA DA!

Let us know what you think, we’d love to see your own creations as well!!
We got our paint from Over the Rainbow – Lumiere Metaillic Paint
You can also get it from Eckersly at Milton, Brisbane, QLD