DIY Rose Petal Cones

We certainly do have some crafty little brides and this super easy little DIY tutorial has been sent in by one of our brides, Claire.  Her upcoming wedding is filled with lovely little handmade touches in conjunction with some truly fantastic wedding professionals to create what is set to be a wonderful day.

Recently Claire and Alex have been busy creating their rose petal cones.  There is a theme of vintage atlases running throughout their day, so it was only natural for them to select pages from old atlases to create their petal cones.

Claire has kindly shared with us how she made these cones along with some pics showing a little sneak peek at the final piece and a little hint of what is in store for her day!


“One of our DIY wedding projects was making rose petal cones using pages from an old atlas (to tie in with our Vintage Travel theme). With the help of my lovely friends it ended up being quite easy and I’m so happy with the final result! “

We used:

· Pages taken from an old atlas

· Different coloured card stock

· Double sided tape

· Spray glue

· Scissors

· Compass

· Pen

· Scrap paper (for all the cone template trials!)

“I was having a hard time finding a rose petal cone template that I liked online so we just made up a template ourselves (looks a bit like an ice-cream with a little bit extra on the side to stick it all together). It took us a few trials but we eventually decided on the size and shape that was right.”

To make the cones we:

· traced the cones shape (on the scrap paper) onto a thicker bit of cardboard and used this as our template

· sprayed the atlas pages with glue and stuck them onto the coloured card (so the cones wouldn’t be too flimsy)

· using our template, traced the cone shape onto the atlas/card and cut it out with scissors

· put some double sided tape on the length of the tab bit and used it to join the two sides together (this was the trickiest part but after a few goes we got the hang of it!)

“We ended up making forty cones in a surprisingly short amount of time – with none of us being particularly crafty people, we were very pleased with ourselves!”