Detachable collars for wedding dresses

When it comes to vintage inspired weddings gowns there really is so much more than the generic dresses that pop up in the standard bridal gown stores.  A design feature that I really adore is a gown with a collar.  This was something that had it’s peak of popularity in the 30s through to the 60s with the cut and design of the collar changing but still present in timeless designs through all of those eras.  I really love that gowns with those extra details such as sleeves with cuffs and cute collars are coming back so that brides have something more than boring old strapless a-line dresses to choose from.

Now not all gowns have collars when you hit the shops, but did you know that you can get detachable collars???? This is a super cute addition to a bridal outfit and gives the option to jazz things up a little.  I did a little searching and surprise, surprise – there isn’t much out there in online stores apart from trusty Etsy.  I’ve done a little search through and have put together some of my favourite detachable collars to get some ideas flowing for you all!

Embroidered Detachable CollarEmbroidered Peter Pan Detachable Collar – Sodafolk


Vintage Pearl Detachable Collar

Vintage Pearl Detachable Collar – The Mermaid Tattoo


Crochet Detachable Collar

Crochet Detachable Collar – My Pretty Babi


Beaded Detachable Peter Pan Collar

Beaded Detachable Peter Pan Collar – Trendy Collars


Now if you are a crafty little bride this is a fabulous project for you to tackle if you aren’t confident on making your entire gown.  If you choose a dress with a nice high round neckline you can even make the collar yourself.  There are some helpful downloadable patterns so you don’t have to do the hard work of drafting the pattern such as the example below.  It could be made in all kinds of fabrics, perhaps a plain fabric with a lace overlay or you could even bead it yourself.  If you’re after a really special beaded design we have some fabulous vendors such as All About Romance who specialise in custom beadwork and for the sewing side of things we recommend Silver Sixpence.

Detachable Collar Pattern

Detachable Collar Downloadable Pattern – I Make It You Make It