Crochet Bridal Bouquets

Lately I’ve been really inspired by bridal bouquets which are handmade as a unique alternative to fresh floral bouquets.  One of my favourites that has really taken my fancy are crochet bridal bouquets.  I’ve found some really sweet bouquets made from individually crocheted flowers which give an old world feel to a bridal bouquet.  I’m a bit of a novice “crocheter” so these have really sparked my interest and I’ve even dabbled in creating a few lovely crochet flowers here and there after being so inspired (I’m yet to master assembling such delicate flowers into an entire bouquet!!).

As fellow lovers of vintage, no doubt there are a few avid “crocheters” among our community so I have some lovely inspirational bouquets that our handy DIY brides may even use as a starting point to create their very own crochet bouquet.  Alternatively there are many artisans online who sell pre-made crochet bridal bouquets or can make custom arrangements for those who aren’t so crafty, yet love the old world and somewhat rustic look of these styles of bouquets.


Beige & Salmon pink crochet bouquet with pearls

Lorenzo Mele

Crochet bridal bouquet pattern

DIY tutorial

Crochet & felt bouquet

To Have and To Holder

Crochet flower & babies breath bouquet

Gomitoli Magici

Crochet flower & brooch bouquet


Crochet flower bouquet


Crochet flower & button bouquet

Pinterest (original source no longer linked)

Crochet flower & feather bouquet

Beautiful Otaku