6 Things You Cannot Miss while Planning for Vintage Wedding

Guest post by Bronte Price Rustic and classic, the vintage wedding is in vogue now and doesn’t seem to fade away soon. Vintage wedding is a fun affair for family. The elders especially get to relive their past. There are many fun and interesting options for a vintage wedding. It can reflect the Victorian era […]

A Vintage Bride’s Ceremony

Guest post by Delwyn of Love Bird Ceremonies   You’re a romantic at heart and you are planning a wonderful vintage wedding, stunning vintage wedding dress, vintage decorations and ambience but what does a vintage bride’s ceremony look like?   If you are taking as much care with everything else, choose your marriage celebrant carefully […]

The Patriarchy and Me – or as Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?”

by Lauren Norbury ‘So what will your new name be when you’re married? Mrs…?’ The question is invariably asked whenever someone new finds out that Adrian and I finally got engaged. Now, I absolutely love how people are so keen to share in our joy, and I do love having a good gossip about the […]