Moss Covered Ring Bearer Cushions

When I start trawling through Etsy or Google Images it really is like falling down a rabbit hole for me.  I get so easily distracted with everything that is pretty and creative!  Lately a style that has really caught my eye are wedding design elements featuring moss.  I just love how the vibrant green works […]

DIY Weddings – Nailed It!

Are you planning a DIY wedding?  Hand crafted weddings can be a truly magical event, filled with so many heartfelt touches.  The crafting of decorative elements can bring together two families in the lead up to the event and forge strong memories for all.   There is a downside to DIY though – sometimes things […]

DIY Soy Candles for Wedding Favors

When it comes to weddings many things are honestly best left to the professionals.  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a bride say they are going to have a completely DIY wedding only to find halfway through they are utterly overwhelmed, exhausted and suffered major budget blow outs I’d be quite […]