Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

For a formal wedding nothing beats a beautiful calligraphy invitation.  When it comes to this traditional style of lettering the great thing is that there are two options.  Firstly you could go for a personally penned invitation suite where a master calligrapher hand writes each invitation with love and care or the cursive script can be recreated digitally with the use of stunning calligraphy fonts.  Designs can also be created in letterpress form which is one of my personal favourites!

There is something so timeless and elegant about receiving a wedding invitation in the post that features lovely calligraphy script.  The entire invitation doesn’t need to feature calligraphy though and sometimes it’s even more stand out to mix it with a block font.

We have found some gorgeous examples of calligraphy style invitations for inspiration.  If you really love something in particular we have included the details of the creative business behind each example for you to get in touch and find out more:

Calligraphy Wedding Invitations - Elliefont


Calligraphy Wedding Invitations - Wish Boutique

Wish Boutique


Calligraphy Wedding Invitations - Creative Emporium

Creative Emporium


Calligraphy Wedding Invitations - Coco Press

Coco Press


Calligraphy Wedding Invitations - Wedding Invites WA

Wedding Invites WA