Bridal Beauty – how to find the perfect stylist for your wedding

by Inèz Deckers, Make-up by Inèz


Congrats, you are getting married! But how do you go about find the perfect stylist for your hair & makeup on the day?

It won’t surprise you, it is all about planning. In this article I will tell you in 4 easy steps how you can go from being unsure what style you would like and how to find the right artist to looking and feeling relaxed, confident and amazingly beautiful on your wedding day AND in the wedding photos!



You probably want to start your research as soon as you are engaged or about 12 months before the wedding. Some hair stylists & makeup artists can book out for weddings 12 months or longer in advance, so if you want to make sure you get the stylist you want, you want to secure them as soon as possible. You can do initial research before you’ve locked in a date for your wedding. Once you’ve set the date and booked the venue, you are ready to approach hair stylists & makeup artists.

Research hair and makeup styles. It’s a good idea to start shaping the style you want for yourself and your bridal party before searching for the hair stylist & makeup artist. Collect images on your phone or create a Pinterest board of hair and makeup looks that you love. Make sure to also include inspiration photos of the front of hair styles, as that gets often forgotten.

Once you have a better idea of the styles you like, you can search in a more focused way for (an) artist(s) that creates the kind of look you want to go for. Also have a think whether you would prefer one artist to do both hair and makeup, or whether you would rather have one artist for hair and one for makeup. If you are unsure, you can also discuss this with your preferred stylist. They will be able to give you the pros and cons and might even work with someone else, so you don’t have to worry about it at all!

Research hair stylists & makeup artists in your region. Ask family and friends, look at bridal blogs and directories, search using google and social media. Don’t rely solely on images you find online, as the images could be edited and might not give a true reflection of what it looked like.

Once you’ve created a shortlist of hair stylists and makeup artists, contact them with your wedding date, so they can check their availability. You might also want to share your preparation location with them and ask for a rough quote.

In terms of prices there’s a stylist for every budget but you usually get what you pay for, so keep that in mind. Some people are shocked about prices for hair & makeup services. It’s good to realise that from these fees the artists has to pay for their business insurance, the quality of their products, the artist prepping and cleaning their kit in between services, marketing or referral costs etc.

Image by Elleni Toumpas Wedding Photography



Most stylists will happily provide a free consultation. During the consultation they can ask you everything they need to know to provide a quote, they can provide you with the process followed between now and the wedding day and you can discuss initial ideas on the style. Often this consultation will happen via email or phone. A face-to-face consultation is a great idea though. It’s important you get a feel for your stylist’s personality and make sure you feel comfortable around him or her. The stylist can then also see your hair and skin in real life, so they can manage your expectations on hair and makeup looks and give recommendations on how to get your hair and skin prepped in the months before the wedding.

After the consultation you can book in your chosen stylist and your trial, I recommend having your trial 2-3 months before wedding. Most likely the stylist will ask you to pay a deposit, which is usually between 25% and 50% of the total fee for the day.

In between the consultation and the trial you can work out further what style you want to go for so by the time the trial comes you have narrowed down the style. It’s good to have a few different photos of a similar style, so the stylist gets a good idea of the style you are going for.

Image by Jenna Fahey-White



Trials are non-negotiable. Sometimes quite literally, as there are stylists that will not do a wedding without a trial. Although I must admit that sometimes I get brides that are having a small no fuss wedding, with only a handful to a dozen of friends or family attending and no bridal party, and they don’t feel they need a trial. If you are this bride, be clear about this to your artist as artists often feel the risk on both ends is too large to work with brides without a trial.

In a perfect world you would have you hair and makeup trial on the same day (if you have different stylists for each). Try to plan it in the morning and plan your dress fitting in the afternoon so you can see the complete look! Bring accessories you are going to wear to the trial, so you really can see the how everything looks together and make sure you really like the chosen accessories.

On the day of the trial you also want to make sure your hair and makeup lasts all day and night, so having it in the morning gives you the best idea. You might want to take a friend or family member to the trial, ask the hair & makeup artist if that’s okay. Make sure on the trial that you are 100% happy with the look, this is what it’s going to be so it has to be right!

Image by Dan Brannan Photography



Once you’ve had your trial, you are all set for the day. Work on a timetable together with your stylist and align timetables for hair and makeup if you have two different stylists, so everyone knows where to be when and things can run super smooth!

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