Barn Owl Films – Wedding Vendor Feature

Having a professional videographer document your wedding day has become a “must have” when it comes to weddings today – and with talented film makers such as Barn Owl Films it’s obvious why!  I must admit that a secret little regret of mine is that we decided not to invest in a professional wedding videographer for our wedding day and instead hope for the best with friends and a handy cam – it’s never the same!!  To this day I wish we’d have chosen a videographer as well as a photographer – so don’t let that regret happen to you!

We are getting to know a little more about film makers Barn Owl Films today, whose work I just adore – I mean who doesn’t fall in love with a little bit of Super 8 throughout a modern day film?  It really adds such warmth to what is a really beautiful day!  For all of you vintage lovers I’m sure you will be just as chuffed as me to check out their films below.


How long have you been a wedding videographer?  Tell us a little bit about the journey you went on to become a wedding film maker.

Kris comes from a background in documentary filmmaking and has an avid passion for collecting vintage super 8 and 16mm cameras. A year ago some friends of ours asked us if we’d film their wedding using Kris’s vintage cameras. It was the most incredible day and we absolutely loved capturing it on real film! Super 8 has such a beautiful and organic look to it that can’t truly be replicated digitally and it immediately conjures up feelings of nostalgia – it was the perfect medium to capture those special moments! Word of mouth spread and we started getting more requests. Before we knew it, Barn Owl Films was born and Kris left his job to build the business full time. We never knew there were so many couples out there who loved vintage film as much as we do!

Barn Owl Films - Thomas Stewart Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY CREDIT: Thomas Stewart Photography

What are some of the elements that you love most about filming weddings?

We love the little details and hidden moments – the pride on parents’ faces, the moment the couple’s eyes meet down the aisle, the pure joy in everyone’s faces as the couple are declared married! It’s those little moments that make a wedding so incredibly personal and special.


You are located in the ACT & NSW.  What are your favourite areas and venues to shoot in?

At the moment we’re living across cities. We’re based mainly in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains and in Canberra, but are also fortunate to have beautiful friends in Sydney and Bowral who house us for weddings! We absolutely love the open fields, farmland and forests between cities, and the antique stores and milk bars who kindly let our couples explore!

Sarah & David – Milton Park from Barn Owl Films on Vimeo.


How would you describe your style of film making?

With backgrounds in film and design, we take a cinematic documentary-style approach to capturing each couple’s big day. Using a combination of original vintage Super 8 and 16mm cameras and modern DSLR equipment, we pride ourselves in capturing a couple’s day in a natural and non-invasive manner, making every film perfectly unique to the couple. No large equipment, no ‘acting’ – just us and our cameras documenting the day as it unfolds!


Can you tell us a little bit about the packages that you offer for weddings & engagements along with a bit of a price guide?

It’s really important to us that couples don’t have to blow their budget in order to have their wedding day captured on film! We offer three main packages – 4 hours of filming, 6 hours and all day packages which start from $1500.

Jessica & Nick – Bendooley Estate from Barn Owl Films on Vimeo.


When couples book Barn Owl Films for their wedding are you a solo videographer or do you have the option for couples to book a second film maker as well?

We’re a husband and wife team, so come as a package deal!  It also means we can split up and film different moments as they happen.


When you aren’t behind the lens what do you enjoy spending your time doing?

We love exploring small towns, fossicking for retro kitchenalia and prints, painting and hitting up the local pub!

Jane & Kelso – Sydney Polo Club from Barn Owl Films on Vimeo.


When is the best time for couples to book in?

Some couples book far in advance, others book pretty last minute. If we are free and have film handy, we’re happy to help out!


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