A Vintage Bride’s Ceremony

Guest post by Delwyn of Love Bird Ceremonies


You’re a romantic at heart and you are planning a wonderful vintage wedding, stunning vintage wedding dress, vintage decorations and ambience but what does a vintage bride’s ceremony look like?


If you are taking as much care with everything else, choose your marriage celebrant carefully too. Be sure they understand what is important to you and how you want your relationship and feelings for each other to be portrayed. Being romantic you will want your ceremony to be warm and inclusive. Keep on making tweaks to your ceremony until it is the way you love it and you feel proud of it. Your celebrant shouldn’t mind going through this process with you and should encourage you.


Ideas you may like to include in a Vintage Wedding Ceremony:


  • Choose an old romantic tune to walk up the aisle to.


  • Instead of just having your Dad walk you up the aisle, your Mum could be a part of this too! Have a little ‘welcoming ceremony’ as you are being ‘handed over’. A handshake or hug for your partner from your Dad or parents. A kiss for you and then your hand is placed into your partner’s hand by your parents.


  • Be old-fashioned and have your celebrant ask “who gives this beautiful* woman to be married to this handsome* man today?” or “who gives these two wonderful people to be married today? ”Your Dad answers, “my wife and I do” or “we do” or something similar, or, all of your parents stand and say “we do”.


  • Have your bouquet placed on the signing table during the ceremony so you are free to hold hands with your partner throughout the ceremony. It’s nice to be physically close to each other during these special moments.


  • Include old romantic poems in your ceremony, your marriage celebrant should be able to help you with this.


  • Write your own personal vows. Again your celebrant will be able to assist you with tips on how to write meaningful and fun vows.


  • Ancient rituals are also something which can add a romantic touch to your wedding. Hand-fasting or ring-warming ceremonies for example or a ritual from your cultural heritage.


  • Confetti is something that is now banned in most places. But you can use bubbles, or leaves or petals which all create a lovely atmosphere as you walk down the aisle.

Your wedding ceremony can, and should, reflect the theme of your whole day. If you have any questions I would love to see you at the Vintage Bride Wedding Fair Perth.

Delwyn  https://www.facebook.com/lovebirdceremonies/