A Midnight Tea

It was a breath of fresh air to receive this gorgeous inspiration shoot from the Western Australian team lead by The Vintage Table and photographer Peggy Saas.  I absolutely adore the gorgeous vintage pink party frock – what an incredible bridesmaid dress that would make (although I’d dare to be different and have it as a wedding dress exactly how it is!!).  At The Vintage and Handmade Bride headquarters we couldn’t agree more with their sentiment that vintage does not need to be pastel and dull!


Some words from Peggy,

The Vintage Table is a small vintage china hire company here in Perth. Alison has been collecting all things vintage, including china, for 30 years and now hires china and vintage styling pieces for weddings and bridal showers etc.

The idea for this shoot was inspired by all things vintage with a unique twist. A ‘Midnight Tea’, a vintage high tea on the dark side for rock n rollers, two lovers at a pre-wedding gathering of kindred souls. The shoot was done in Alison’s own house and was styled by Alison using her own vintage furniture, china, clothing and props. Everything in these images is vintage, nothing is new. It was important to us to show that vintage does not have to be beige, dull and rather dreary, and that in fact being green and ‘eco friendly’ can be incredibly glamorous. Vintage style weddings and photo shoots often consist mostly of pastel colours and floral designs, however for this shoot Alison wanted it to be Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, all Rock n Roll and a bad attitude without a pink flower in sight. 

Our gorgeous models are not professionals but young friends of ours. Male model Mikey wore his own vintage garments, and Amanda wore an original pink 1950s vintage party dress with a velvet bodice and chiffon skirt, the dress being part of Alison’s collection. Every item in each image is vintage or up cycled down to Mikey’s vintage Fender guitar (which he really does play, it isn’t simply a prop).

When I asked Alison for the brief her request was simple – two beautiful kids who are the epitome of vintage cool with a mutual love for all things Rock n Roll, set against a backdrop of heavy gold and ornate patterns, decadent and rococo, not a pastel pink or baby blue in sight. The setting was a cross between Marie Antoinette and something you’d imagine Keith Richard’s chateau in the south of France in the 70s might have been like.
Make up was done by Connie McKeon, a friend and make up artist.