10 ways to create a Vintage Inspired Wedding Ceremony

Today we are very excited to share with you Julia’s top ten tips on how to create a vintage inspired ceremony. Julia’s Celebrancy Services is based in Melbourne and specialises in fun, sincere and relaxed weddings. She will be joining us at the upcoming Vintage Bride Wedding Fair in Melbourne next month!

1. Choose music from an older time.

There is so much to be said about beautiful old fashioned music. You could hire a musician to play a classical piece on the harp as you walk down the aisle, or why not get your grandparents gramophone restored and play some records during the ceremony!  


2. Sign the papers with a quill and ink. 

Feeling arty? Take some calligraphy lessons with your partner and sign your marriage certificates like they did in the medieval times!! 

(Alternatively you can also ask your Celebrant to prepare your certificates for you in beautiful Calligraphy.) 


3. Choose flowers that are in season and that bring good luck! 

In the olden days, Brides would carry flowers because they didn’t get to shower often and the flowers would help them smell beautiful on their wedding day! 

Certain  flowers are also known to bring good luck which is why in many cultures, this tradition has continued. Have some fun and choose flowers from your local market and make your own bouquet like many a Bride used to do! 


4. Have an ‘unplugged’ ceremony. 

Technology can get in the way of really being present in the moment and even though it is easy to ‘capture’ a moment, it is certainly better to feel it and see it with your own eyes. Ask your guests to turn off their phones, put down their cameras and really enjoy in the celebration that will unfold before them. 

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5. Write your vows in love letters. 

Gone are the days of writing your beloved a love letter.  It is such a romantic gesture and it would tie in perfectly during your ceremony. You could read your love letters to each other as part of your vows and later you can keep them with your marriage certificate as a beautiful memento. 

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6. Share telegrams during the ceremony. 

Do you have a lot of friends from overseas or interstate that cannot attend the ceremony? Ask them to send you messages of love and your friends or Celebrant can read them out like an old fashioned telegram during the ceremony. 


7. Use lovely old fashioned language. 

Why not colour your ceremony with some classic old English phrases to really set the scene?! William Shakespeare’s quote of “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind” is the perfect example of how beautifully phrased words can take you back in time . How about something classic during your wedding vows such as “With this ring, I thee wed. Take and wear it as a pledge of my love and as a symbol of all we share.” 


8. Ask your Celebrant and guests to dress in theme. 

Whether it’s old Hollywood Glamour, a funky rockabilly dress code or an old world steam punk affair, getting suitably dressed up for the occasion makes it all the more fun!  


9. Wear vintage accessories. 

I find that it’s often the smaller details that can create more excitement and joy in the lead up to the wedding because they are gifts, family heirlooms or savvy purchases we can make along the way that piece by piece, slowly create our ideal vintage inspired celebration . It might be a vintage pocket watch, a delicate little pillbox hat, a pair of lace gloves or borrowed antique jewelry. Whatever the little treasures are, you’ll remember them for a lifetime.


10. Find antique furniture to use for the ceremony. 

A wrought iron table with 2 matching chairs would make the perfect setting for your signing table! Or perhaps you could find some velvet love seats, an old dressing table, or even some cinema style fold out chairs to decorate and set up your ceremony space.  

Chandeliers, laced curtains, a grand piano, an old fireplace… the choices are endless and sometimes all you need is some candles or a touch of paint and that piece of antique furniture could dramatically turn any old room into a distinguished ceremony scene.  


~AUTHOR Julia’s Celebrancy Services ~ PHOTOGRAPHY Lauren Murphy Photography ~
~ WEDDING Images of the wedding of Mr & Mrs Handford ~